Absence 2

I have realised that showing the whole process from start to finish is really what my work is all about although I feel that I haven’t applied it in it’s entirety here – the testing, successes and failures are something that I need to start showing more of as they are often the important parts rather than the end result.

The continuation of the encased pieces for this collection led me to want to include the notion of stitching, a ‘mending’ factor was missing and the binding of each flower was only visible in part.  Taking images from each rose before it was encased and stitching onto tracing paper, somehow felt like another way of portraying the delicacy of remembering and the state of mind that the convalescing soldiers must have had at the time.

The idea of them being suspended and at the mercy of the slightest breeze producing a randomness in direction made me think of how they themselves were being metaphorically buffeted around by life and circumstances, as we all are to some degree.

Making moulds of random sections of the stitching and casting these in  jesmonite, progressed onto becoming a way of attaching this delicacy onto the body.  The traces of stitching being raised almost like scarring (another avenue that I have explored in the past and no doubt will revisit) and highlighted with earthy colours.

It was important for me to incorporate the needle and the thread into the pieces which were used in the previous parts of the process, everything seemed to be intrinsically linked.  I felt that I wanted to do more with the actual roses themselves as wearable pieces and so started to look at ways of deconstructing, attaching and adding colour…



All images ©Kate Grimes

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