The Underside of Up

A weekend of projects in Zimmerhof on the edge of the Black Forest, Germany led by Tim Carson (aka Timothy Information Limited) and jeweller, Herman Hermsen.  The group consisted of 10 students from universities based in the UK, Germany and Holland.

Split into groups and given a random page from a book, headed off into the forest to ponder and to be inspired by the text, how to relate it to what was around us or vice versa. Our piece of text was about a father explaining to his son the preciousness of spices when they were first imported from East to West.

We interpreted our piece of text through our surroundings by looking at the hidden world beneath our feet, a place frequently trodden but rarely thought about in great detail being our main thread.

We started looking at what was around us and the beauty in the ordinary.  Spices are used fairly liberally with their history as a commodity barely thought about these days.  It was the hidden narrative and individuality of nature that we were intent on capturing, instead of disregarding what was around us, we set about enhancing what was to hand and to give it a new value.

Following this concept of what is underfoot as you walk and usually ignore, we reversed its viewpoint, that which is usually upright, now facing downwards. Taking it out of context and reflecting back up, giving the ordinary a new depth, value and perspective.