Scaling Up

Having been working on a small scale, the new space has started to free my work up on a larger scale and given me the opportunity to explore how things sit and inhabit space in relation to each other.  These series of tests were made during a period of indecision as to which direction to move in next…


All images/video ©Kate Grimes

Part of the Process

The use of cut flowers within my work is in relation to process and preservation.  These delicate objects that are used in various ways, as markers of events and ritual, to brighten our homes, are literally, dying in front of us.

Thrown out after losing their freshness and appeal, I am investigating ways of prolonging their lifespan, giving them an alternative direction not just in the physical sense but also in their meaning.  The effects their cultivation has on their surrounding and subsequent environments during the process is something that is not necessarily widely known or considered by the consumer.


All images ©Kate Grimes