Public Assembly | How do we belong?

How Do We Belong? was a group MA interim show across various disciplines situated at The Ply Gallery situated in the iconic Hornsey Town Hall.

Opened in November 1935, the building won several awards and remains as one of London’s most distinctive landmarks albeit being in a neglected state after becoming surplus to requirements in 2000 following the amalgamation of Hornsey, Wood Green and Tottenham to form Haringey Council.  

I was interested by the imprints left on the seats in the council chamber, seemingly as though their occupants had only just got up and left the room.  Due to the preservation restrictions on the building I was limited in ways of taking moulds from the seats and  finding the materials to work with during the process was something that I had to consider carefully as to what would work best and in the least intrusive way.  

My choice of materials were not only sympathetic towards process but also towards the building’s narrative.  The use of restoration paper alluding to the future of the building and as a way of capturing the fragility and precariousness of it’s current state as well as a nod towards the disappearance of Hornsey County Council and the building’s inhabitants who are no longer there. 



 All images © Kate Grimes

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