Substrata was an exhibition held by Makers 8 Collective at The Crypt Gallery in Euston, responding to the old parish of St Pancras. 

My piece, Displaced, was in response to the displacement of the present-day households and those individuals removed from their final resting places, highlighting the subsequent loss of identity and roots during the expansion and development of rail links both past and present within the local area.  

Using the standard railway gauge of 1,435mm as the central distance between packing crates, the work was arranged in reference to the demolition of 3 social housing blocks and 14 street properties around Euston station . 

Through material reference toward the once local brickfields, these objects are representative of the 136 social rented units, 24 resident leaseholders and 22 non-resident leaseholders moved during the on-going HS2 works.



 All images © Kate Grimes

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