Hanging by a Thread

Bodies, debris, dust, wood shavings all suspended, caught up and dangling, waiting for their moment to fall…

These are what sprung to mind when I first visited 810 High Road.  It wasn’t so much the actualness of the building and it’s interior that got my attention, rather the organically engineered structures scattered around the house, uninvited but very much in residence.

Some skyward acting as window blinds, others constructed between balusters with their cores looking as though they’ve been blown through, another not too dissimilar to a mosquito net and husks of their creators hanging by threads…

wood scroll baluster hanging 'mosquito net

Their fragility but ceaseless existence is what grabs me, like the memories and histories that lie hidden and buried within the house’s walls.  Emerging fragmented only to sink back into the recesses until the next resident arrives to transform and fill every nook and cranny with a delicacy and lightness that comes only from mother nature’s touch.



 All images © Kate Grimes



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